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Long Story Short

My name is Redon and I’m currently based in 41°19′44″N 19°49′04″E. In 2012 I co-founded Open Labs hackerspace and started co-organizing Open Source Conference Albania, Wiki Weekend, Wiki Loves Monuments, CryptoParty Tirana, CopyFest and other initiatives related to free open source culture. I’m a long time active OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia contributor and a Mozilla Tech Speaker.


Currently I pay my bills as a member of Collective68, a talented crew that deydreams of a decetralised reality. We develop Cloud68 and other projects related to free open source software & hardware, open data, online privacy & security, open geoinformation and the digital public domain.

Things I enjoy doing

City-biking, growing my record collection and spreading counterculture propaganda while throwing kung-fu kicks to nazis.

Content (un)licensing

Unless otherwise noted all the content published here is dedicated to the public domain.