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Long Story Short

My name is Redon. I’m originally from Elbasan and currently based in 41°19′44″N 19°49′04″E. In 2012 I co-founded Open Labs hackerspace and started co-organizing Open Source Conference Albania, CryptoParty Tirana and many other smaller and larger events focused on digital rights, the commons and free libre open source tech. I’m also a long time Wikimedia and OpenStreetMap contributor with a focus in the places where I live.


Currently I pay my bills as a member of helping small-medium teams and individuals move away from big tech as easy as possible.

Things I enjoy doing

I enjoy growing my record collection and spreading counterculture propaganda, while throwing kung-fu kicks to nazis.

Content (un)licensing

Unless otherwise noted all the content published here is dedicated to the public domain. Copyright is for the ones that get horny on gaining more capital on the shoulder of others.