“Gaining a Digital Edge: Freedom of Expression” conference in Belgrade

Group Photo in Belgrade from the 2015 conference

Group photo from the event

When: 16 October 2015 – 18 October 2015;
Where: Belgrade, Serbia;
Organized by Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, OSCE Mission to Serbia, SHARE Foundation, and Central European University.

Some 200 participants, including journalists, media lawyers, academics, government representatives, IT experts and human rights defenders from 14 South-Eastern and Central European countries discussed strategies for navigating the legal, regulatory, and technological challenges of the new digital media environment. Made new friends, had fun in Belgrade and talked about internet freedom with smart people from the region that are sharing the same concerns with me.


Wikipedia Weekend in Tirana 2015

Wikipedia Weekend in Tirana 2015
Wikipedia Weekend Tirana 2015, ose pak më në shqip, Fundjava e Wikipedia, është aktiviteti që organizohet në fundjavën e parë të dhjetorit për herë të dytë në Shqipëri me fokus platformat Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikivoyage etj.

Qëllimi i aktivitetit është ardhja pranë e komunitetin duke punuar, socializuar dhe ndarë idetë rreth krijimit të sapunit DIY enciklopedisë më të madhe në internet që është krijuar dhe mirëmbahet tërësisht nga vullnetarë. Gjithashtu ka si qëllim të sjellë njerëz të interesuar në komunitet dhe t’u tregojë atyre për Wikipedia, në mënyrë që të rritet komuniteti lokal i Wikipedianëve. Read More

Presenting Open Labs hackerspace at FOSSCOMM in Athens

fosscomm2015 Athens logoVery excited to be back to Athens, the city where everything started, for FOSSCOMM and some catching up with old, good, close friends .
FOSSCOMM (Free and Open Source Software Communities) is a Greek conference aiming at Open Source enthusiasts, developers, and communities. It has been hosted in various cities around Greece and its goal is to promote the use of FOSS in Greece and to bring FOSS enthusiasts together.
I’ll be speaking about the hackerspace movement in the Balkans area and more specifically about Open labs hackerspace in Tirana. Me session will be early morning @ 9.00 in Sunday 8.11.2015 at presentation room #4, which means I should not party the night before.
Here is the map for the venue for all the modern heroes that are planning to wake up early for my presentation.

Announcing Wiki Loves Voices

Wiki Loves VoicesChased by our daily routine we tend to forget the challenges all the open knowledge hacktivist face in a daily basis, but mos important we tend to forget the amount of work that needs to be done by us in order to make knowledge sharing easier through free libre open source platforms in the commons. This is why I’m always happy when I get this ‘oh my god I’m so excited’ feeling from time to time, which is one of the things one loves in life. This exact feeling gets even more amazing when these ideas for new projects come to life as an organic brainstorming process with your fellow hactivist from your local hackerspace and seem to have a broader and more global impact. This has been in a few words, the birth of Wiki Loves Voices, a project that was initiated and is being planned in a collaborative way, and  that aims the empowerment of the commons with audio material that can benefit all of us as a society wherever we live.
The project goal is to create a public domain repository in commons.wikimedia.org of sound samples of different people talking different languages from all over the world. The voice sound samples can be used for different software (like for example GPS audio guide of Open Street Map project), musicians, linguistics researchers, Wikipedia articles or even for more crazy ideas such as a time capsule sent in space. Read More

Rifillon konkursi Wiki Loves Monuments 2015

Wiki Loves Monuments 2015
Pas organizimit të parë gjatë vitit 2014 FLOSSK (Kosovë) dhe Open Labs (Shqipëri) riorganizojnë për herë të dytë garën e fotografisë Wiki Loves Monuments Kosovë dhe Shqipëri.
Wiki Loves Monuments është një konkurs fotografik ndërkombëtar i monumenteve, organizuar nga Fondacioni Wikimedia nga 1 deri më 30 shtator 2015. Wikimedia është fondacioni që fuqizon Enciklopedinë e lirë Wikipedia – një bashkëpunim global me autorë vullnetarë nga e gjithë bota. Read More