Youth World Space Congress 2008

Youth World Space Congress 2008One of the most inspiring events I’ve ever been

VJing for Blend Mishkin at Patras

Patra VJ set Cast-a-BlastSecond VJ show in a row supporting Blend Mishkin from the mighty Cast-A-Blast label this time in Patra (Greece).

Artwork credits: Design Insane

Press Forward release part (VJing)

Press Forward release Cast-a-BlastBlend a.k.a Mishkin feat. Elephant Phinix. (15.04.2010) Promo event for Press Forward, the newest Cast-a-Blast released at 16.04.2010.  On visuals Design Insane and myself using a new mini MIDI machine. I also managed live streaming for the set through

Cast-aBlast combo sticker and VJing at Six Dogs

Cast-a-Blast gig vjing at six dogsA live gig from the folks from Cast-a-Blast with me helping with a combo sticker event, live streaming from, VJing and recording the set though the whole thing.
Friends from Indyvisuals also helped with the set-up of the shop in order to provide with the latest relreases the vinyl junkies.

I remember beeing dead tired but really happy about how the whole thing wen out.

Mashup Fest Tirana 2010 Poster

Mashupfest Tirana 2010 poster