Design Overview in Tirana 2012

Design Overview 2012 Tirana main creative
It all started from the need to create the first network of creative youngsters in Tirana that are involved in the design industry. Renato thought that Tirana had no inspirational booster, a conference where creatives from abroad and Albania will inspire Albanian designers. My answer was: well just do it!
Is not just a simple dialogue, but also with the will to build the foundations of a non existing industry. It all started in a town where creative professionals are the most important part the job.

Design Overview In Tirana (DOIT) is a conference and a unique source of exclusive projects, sharp commentary, insights and top design, which will report every aspect of the design, uncovering the big stories behind design industry and showcasing the best work.

In a few words, Design Overview In Tirana is the depth of experience from the best professionals in local and even more, in international level.
Design Overview 2012 Tirana Redon Renato Tata

Youth World Space Congress 2008

Youth World Space Congress 2008One of the most inspiring events I’ve ever been

VJing for Blend Mishkin at Patras

Patra VJ set Cast-a-BlastSecond VJ show in a row supporting Blend Mishkin from the mighty Cast-A-Blast label this time in Patra (Greece).

Artwork credits: Design Insane

Press Forward release part (VJing)

Press Forward release Cast-a-BlastBlend a.k.a Mishkin feat. Elephant Phinix. (15.04.2010) Promo event for Press Forward, the newest Cast-a-Blast released at 16.04.2010.  On visuals Design Insane and myself using a new mini MIDI machine. I also managed live streaming for the set through

Cast-aBlast combo sticker and VJing at Six Dogs

Cast-a-Blast gig vjing at six dogsA live gig from the folks from Cast-a-Blast with me helping with a combo sticker event, live streaming from, VJing and recording the set though the whole thing.
Friends from Indyvisuals also helped with the set-up of the shop in order to provide with the latest relreases the vinyl junkies.

I remember beeing dead tired but really happy about how the whole thing wen out.