A hacktivist, open knowledge/culture promoter and consultant. In 2012 co-founded Open Labs Albania, the first community promoting the idea of free open source technologies, the concept of the commons, copyright reform in the digital age and open data.
Since early 2013, a Mozilla Representative for Albania.
I’m also the co-founder of Design Overview in Tirana, a yearly conference in Albania dedicated to the community of creative visual artists featuring presentations from award winning creatives from Albania and abroad.

When I’m not working on community-building at Open Labs, I talk at conferences and events promoting the importance of free software, host open hardware workshops in different countries, with Greece, Kosovo, Germany and Albania being some of them, and visit Albanian universities and schools in order to spread the importance of projects such as GNU/Linux, Wikipedia, LibreOffice, OpenStreetMap and the importance of the commons in technology.
Since 2014 co-organizer of Open Source Conference Albania, the international tech conference hosted in Albania focused in decentralization of knowledge sharing, the empowerment of the commons and free libre open source software.