openSUSE 2013 in Thessaloniki Memories

From 18-22 July, 2013 the openSUSE Conference (oSC13) bought together a wide variety of Open Source contributors to collaborate on one of the major Linux distribution projects. In general openSUSE conference 2013 was a blast for the Open… Read More

WMKIT Arduino workshop at Betahaus Berlin June 2013

WMKIT Arduino Workshop @ Bethaus: the Aftermath

Remember the WMKIT Arduino workshop at Betahaus in Berlin? Thanks to my friends Natalia and Aljoscha I got some high quality photos that document in detail what happened during the sessions. This was a great experience for me… Read More

Open Labs story as presented for Open Steps project

Some months ago we got an email at our Open Labs inbox from a Berlin based couple interested to present their project at our hackerspace. The fact that I was in Berlin at the moment made it easier… Read More