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Long Story Short

My name is Redon Skikuli and I’m currently based in 41°19′44″N 19°49′04″E.

In 2012 I co-founded Open Labs hackerspace and started co-organising Open Source Conference Albania, Wiki Weekend, Wiki Loves Monuments, CryptoParty Tirana, CopyFest and other initiatives related to free open source software, online privacy and the commons in the digital age.

The last couple of years I’m co-developing CityZen, an OSM-based city navigation mobile app & Identihub the visual assets self-hosting platform, in collaboration with really talented people that trust in a decetralised future.

Currently I pay my bills as a visual communication & free open source solutions consultant at Collective68 & Ura Design.

Things I enjoy doing: spreading counterculture propaganda while throwing kung-fu kicks to nazis.